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Info about Credit Scores

Credit scores are like a grade on a report card; the higher the number the better you are doing at managing your credit.  Your score is a 3 digit number ranging from 300 to 850 (depending upon which bureau is used).

Your score starts with a Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) score and is increased or decreased depending upon certain key factors that each of the reporting agencies use.  Your FICO score is broken down into certain percentages.

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Once you start to establish credit it is extremely important that you continue to make payments on time.  It is very hard to repair or rebuild credit once it has been damaged.

Credit and Mortgage

Your credit is an important consideration for determining your creditworthiness. Information in your credit report is prepared by a credit report bureau or credit-reporting agency.

Any late payments or other adverse information contained in your credit report will receive additional review during the underwriting of your loan application, and may require further written explanation(s) or documentation from you as we consider your loan request.

Why You Need to Pay on Time

Make sure to make your monthly payments on time. This is very important when you have a monthly mortgage to pay. Once the mortgage is paid, then you can start to worry about other bills like your cell phone bill, electric bills, appliances, and more.

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