Travel to Worldwide Heritage Sites before They Are Destroyed

This Islamic state terrorist group, better known as ISIS, is on a rampage completely destroying famous heritage sites in an attempt to fund their terrorist activity. The most recent target of the group was the Arch of Triumph, which was iconic to the city of Palmyra, a city located in Syria. This site dated back to Roman times and was a gateway to the city’s colonnaded ruins. One by one, these famous worldwide heritage sites are being attacked with bulldozers and explosives by ISIS followers. They feel the need to continue the war on the cultural heritage of both Iraq and Syria since they took over territories in 2014.

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Other Syrian Heritage Sites, Destroyed

Palmyra-A video released in August showed the mass destruction of the Temple of Baalshamin, also located in the ancient town of Palmyra, Syria. The larger Palmyrene temple, which was dedicated the god Bel, was completely leveled through the use of explosives. Following the groups takeover in May, militants made false promises to leave the columns and temples untouched. They even publicly executed a Syrian archaeologist who oversaw excavations in the area. It seems that the ISIS group is looking to destroy every site that is representative of any pre-Islamic groups, which celebrated difference, and will not stop until they are all destroyed. Before being destroyed, ISIS members have looted the areas in search of ancient artifacts that can be sold to fund more acts of terrorism. It is only a matter of time before all famous Syrian heritage sites are destroyed, and remembered only through photographs.

Mar Elian Monastery– ISIS is really trying to make a statement with all the demolition in Syria, and even goes as far as posting photos and videos to popular social media sites. The Mar Elian Monastery is a Christian monastery captured in August, very close to Palmyra. Mar Elian was a saint and the monastery paid tribute to a site that once sheltered hundreds of Christian Syrians. The site was bulldozed by ISIS, completely toppling the walls around the monastery.

Country of Iraq heritage sites, completely gone

In addition to Syria, ISIS also completely took over Iraq, and you guessed it, has been completely ruining popular sites around the country. In March, the organization destroyed Khorsabad, the ancient Assyrian capital. Shortly after, they provided the world a look at their destruction of Hatra and Nimrud. Hatra was located on the outskirts of the Roman Empire, and the capital of an independent kingdom. When ISIS took over, they used the area for training camp. The group used ancient sculptures and buildings for target practice, completely destroying the area. Nimrud was the very first Assyrian capital, excavated in the mid 1800’s. Luckily, archaeologists who discovered several stone sculptures sent the items to famous world museums, which will remain untouched by ISIS. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for the site itself, which has a wide range of damage.

Imam Dur Mausoleum- Last October, ISIS had the idea of completely blowing up the Imam Dur Mausoleum in Iraq, close to the city of Samarra. This site was home to a medieval Islamic architecture, and was a beautiful sight to behold. Now it is completely gone, for the rest of eternity.


The list of famous heritage sites destroyed by ISIS members just continues to grow, and there are several other sites not listed. The reality of the situation is that human beings were not given the opportunity to visits these sites safely in recent years, and because of the ISIS terrorist group, they never will. The world is filled with ancient locations with amazing sites. Could you imagine one of these sites in your country or hometown being destroyed by ISIS? What is going to happen once they completely destroy all heritage sites in Syria and Iraq? What area of the world will they destroy next?